Hey y’all. I still need to update this page so that it provides more up-to-date info ABOUT the Juice Media. Some day I’ll get around to it. But for now, I’m leaving the old text here!

Juice Rap News: the internet nation’s on-beat musical, independent current-affairs programme responsible for turning bollocks-news into socio-poetical analyses which everyone can relate to and understand – written & created by Giordano Nanni & Hugo Farrant in a backyard home-studio in suburban Melbourne, Australia – on Wurundjeri land. 

JRN Trio Final w Names

Photo by Kahlia Litzow

Hugo Farrant is Juice Rap News’s lyricist, responsible for crafting the rhymes and flows of each episode, and plays the role of the amiable anchorman Robert Foster – as well as many of the characters who appear on the show, including the show’s regular guests: Military-industrial-complex spokesperson General Baxter and conspiracy-guru Terrence Moonseed. Hailing from Branksome in the UK, Hugo is a prolific rhymer, freestyle-rapper, orator, MC and spoken-word poet who regularly graces the stages and festivals in Melbourne and across Australia. Having spent 10+ years rhyming and rapping, he now also crafts rhymes for Juice Rap News. 

Giordano Nanni is Juice Rap News’s writer & editor, responsible for crafting the narratives, critiques and philosophies explored by Robert Foster and the other characters on the show. Giordano also appears in Rap News in the role of regular characters such as Aussie-correspondent Ken Oathcarn, Russian reporter Ivan Sakamunev, MSMBS anchorman Brian Washington, shady NWO representative William de Berg, and the advice-dispensing George Orwell. A PhD in history, Giordano has published two books (Coranderrk: We Will Show the Country and The Colonisation of Time) and is the instigator of a number of creative projects – including TheJuiceMedia, which he started in 2008.

Robert Foster: The collaboration of form and content between Hugo and Giordano is embodied in the character of Robert Foster, Juice Rap News’s affable anchorman, whose retro outfits and biting critiques of current affairs have earned him respect in the whimsical world of news satire. Since their first broadcast in October 2009, Giordano and Hugo’s collaboration has given Juice Rap News its unique flavour, bringing together their passions for rap, history, satire, journalism… and scrambled eggs.

Photo courtesy of ioerror


•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••   The Juice Rap News Team   •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Juice Rap News relies on the involvement of a dedicated team of people, including support actors, voice-over artists,  music composers, vfx artists, designers, make-up artists and prop-makers. Here are some of the people who make this project possible.

Zoe Tame is Juice Rap News’s main graphic designer: a black-belt in Photoshop, she creates many of the images featured in our videos. Zoe is also responsible for the awesomeness that is ~TheJuiceMedia website, and making sure it runs nice and smoothly. Hailing from Australia’s West, Zoe is a digital-media ninja, philosopher, and design gun for hire. Check out her site here!

Jonas Schweizer, aka “KookyBone”, is one of our awesome international collaborators. Though we’ve never met him face to face, Jonas has been collaborating with us remotely since RN13, and is responsible for many of the awesome animations, backgrounds, effects, gun-fights and explosions, which you see in Rap News. Based in Germany, he’s been film-making, animating and compositing stuff for about ten years. Here’s a little sneak preview of his other brilliant work.

Adrian Sergovich is responsible for infusing our broadcasts with pure orchestral awesomeness. Adrian’s talents as a composer are currently being violently exploited by the advertising industry, but we dream of hiring him full time once we have a decent budget. Adrian regularly contributes bespoke orchestrations for Juice Rap News, notably George Orwell’s haunting theme in episode 15. Website coming soon; prefers his eggs poached.

Zoë Amanda Wilson & Ellen Burbidge are our two awesome supporting actors who often come on to play the female roles in Juice Rap News. Zoë is an actor, model, singer and stunt performer and has played numerous roles in Rap News, including Yulia Timoshenko (RN23), the Singularity (RN28), and Christine Lagarde (RN31). Check out her website here.  Ellen is  an actor, singer and an accomplished dancer, and has also appeared in multiple episodes, including roles such as Julia Gillard (RN20), Scarlett Johansson (RN24), and Angela Merkel (RN31). She is studying film and is also in the process of filming a documentary about Juice Rap News (stay tuned!)

Rosie Dunlop is Juice Rap News’s make-up and effects artist. She’s been a permanent member of the team ever since Episode 6 when, to everyone’s amazement, she turned Hugo into Hillary Clinton. With her seemingly bottomless bag of brushes and glues, Rosie is able to make the cast look young or old, hairy or bald, male or female, dead or alive.

More of the awesome peeps who regularly contribute to our episodes:

  • Zoë Umlaut & Gilles Gundermann who source and/or construct our props
  • Lucy Cahill who does all our female voices, and occasionally appears as a supporting actor
  • Ming who lends a hand with some voice-overs and vocal effects and occasionally appears as a supporting actor
  • Koolfy from Nurpa.be in France who creates the sync’d English captions for all our episodes
  • Our regular translators: Julie Chatagnon, Euclides, Jonas Maebe, Tamara, Marjan, Vojta and Lery, Jonathan… and many others
  • And for ongoing support and comradeship: Asher Wolf, The Kindle Project, the WikiLeaks crew, Ben Erwin, Damian Tapley, Eph Jos, Caitlin, Dave Abbott, Nick & Trav, Tundra Punks, and Franklin Lopez of Submedia

Others still have contributed over the years as extras, translators, assistants, advisors or facilitators – and they too have helped make Juice Rap News what it is.

Live at the Woodford Folk Festival (2014): Lucy Cahill, Daniel Sher, Damian Tapley, Jeremedy (Grey Ghost); Giordano; Zoe, Hugo, Mantra, Iris Radovich, Ellen Burbidge. Photo by Kahlia Litzow