Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump – JUICE RAP NEWS Special Edition 2016

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RN31 – The EuroDiVision Contest
RN32 – MSMBS News: #BlackLivesMatter
Rap News Call Out – The Great Barrier Reef
RN33 – Pope Francis vs Climate Change
RN34 – Immigrants!
RN35 – THE INTERNET – feat. Dan Bull

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RN21 – ‘The News’
RN22 – The Energy Crisis
RN23 – Crimea: Media War Games – feat. Abby Martin
RN24 – Israel & Palestine – feat. DAM & Norman Finkelstein
RN25 РNet Neutrality 
RN26 – The World Coup: THIEFA vs Brazil
RN27 – MSMBS World News Headlies: ISIS, Gaza, Ukraine…
RN28 – The Singularity
RN29 – The G20 – feat. Scott Ludlam
RN30 – The New World Order

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RN11 – Australia Day
RN12 – Yes We Kony!
RN13 – Episode XIII: A News Hope
RN14 – Higgs Boson Unbound
RN15 – Big Brother is WWWatching you – with George Torwell
RN16 – I Have a Drone – Barak Obama v Mitt Romney
RN17 – The War on Terra
RN18 – The Great Gun Debate
RN19 – Whistleblower – with Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden
RN20 – A Game of Polls (feat. Julian Assange)

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RN1 – Earth bombs the Moon
RN2 – The Nobel War is Peace Prize
RN3 – Climate Change: Al Gore v Lord Monckton
RN4 – WWWar on the Internet (WikiLeaks v The Pentagon)
RN5 РThe War on Journalism (feat. Julian Assange)
RN6 – Cablegate: the truth is out there
RN7 – #Revolution spreads to America
RN8 – Osamacide
RN9 – The Economy (Ron Paul v Zeitgeist)
RNX – Occupy2012 (feat Anonymous and Noam Chomsky)