RAP NEWS 30: The New World Order

RAP NEWS 30: The New World Order

Welcome to the Season 3 finale for the year!

The New World Order: They control the world’s governments; THEY rule over all of us from the top of the pyramid. And WE are the victims. Right? Today we blow open the truth about the NWO in order to shed light on this widespread conspiracy which has frequently been invoked to explain the state of our world. Join intrepid host Robert Foster as he takes control of the lever of critical inquiry, alongside special guests Russell Brand, conspiracy guru Terrence Moonseed, and NWO representative William De Berg, in order to ask: who is the New World Order? And how can we stop it?

Warning: This episode of Rap News has been in the making since we started the show, 5 years ago. No punches will be pulled, no quarter will be given, and no depth will be left unplumbed on this arduous quest for the harsh truth. Welcome to the New World Order, bitches.

We’ll be back online with Season 4 in February 2015 – till then, stay calm and keep learning!

Written & created by Giordano Nanni & Hugo Farrant in a suburban backyard home studio in Melbourne, Australia, on Wurundjeri Land.

* Beats:
‘Fight Back’ by Profetesa Productions
– With kickass orchestral variations by Adrian Sergovich
– ‘Enter The Ninja’ parody created by Adrian Sergovich and Able8
– Original ‘Enter the Ninja’ song by DJ Hi-Tech / Die Antwoord.
* Bill De Berg animations and background created by Jonas Schweizer (aka Kookybone)
* Enter the Ninja backgrounds and pyramid art by Zoe Tame
* Filming assistance and syncing/keying by Damian Tapley
* Props assistance by Zoe Umlaut
* Captions sync’d by Koolfy from ‪http://nurpa.be
* Russell Brand wig styled by Rose Chong costumiers
* All acting by Hugo & Giordano; all vox by Hugo.
* Video and music edited by Giordano.

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