ABC Arts | History is happening: Juice Rap News using hip-hop to transform reported news

ABC Arts | History is happening: Juice Rap News using hip-hop to transform reported news

Giordano Nanni and Hugo Farrant have created a unique YouTube series that is both genuinely hilarious and devastatingly critical of mainstream media, politicians and other public figures. Barnaby Smith speaks with the duo behind Juice Rap News.” By Barnaby Smith for ABC Arts. 

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Note from us: This has to be one of our favourite and most comprehensive articles about Juice Rap News so far! 

  • I dunno if everyone feels this way, but the news is so negative that I avoid it entirely. I know that’s not the right answer, but everything is so sensationalized that it’s just depressing… so hopefully these guys will be able to change the way we consume media! Definitely looking forward to seeing what they do

    • Razedbywolvs

      Your thinking about it from the wrong prospective. You are inadvertently causing them to go into a downward death spiral. Just look at how desperate they are. They DMCA everyone and yet come to Juice Rap to get a story because that’s the only way ABC can get views.
      The “sensationalized” you speak of is acutely desperation.

  • Zahir76

    Thejuicemedia Rap News, plays a vital fuse.
    We all get amuse by what it has to produce.
    No wonder it is fun, cause it’s the mainstream media on the run.
    Thumbs up dudes- great work, there’s no feud 😉

  • r linney

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