Centrelink Fail – Honest Government Advert

Centrelink Fail – Honest Government Advert

We kick off 2017 with the first video of the year – and it’s an Honest Government Ad about the Strayan’s Government latest fail whale.

The Australian Government just released this ad about it’s Centrelink (social security) shitstorm, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative. #NotMyDebt


This is a very local issue, but one with global overtones reflecting a popular trend these days of constantly pinning the blame onto the poorest rather than the filthy rich and the Too-big-to-tax. If you agree please give this video a share!

* Written by Giordano with ace input from Benna, Justin, Simon, Jake & DBot
* Special thanks to Asher Wolf and the Digital Rights AUS crew
* Presenter performed by Ellen
* Voiceover + Centrelink victim performed by Lucy
* Thanks to Isaac for camera help!

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– If you’ve received a false-debt notice from Centrelink, you’re not alone. Visit: NotMyDebt.com.au
– A very clear (and probably the most eloquent) article on Centrelink Fail by John Birmingham
– Great overview of the whole Centrelink saga here on PedestrianTV.