Genuine Satire (feat. George Brandis) – Honest Government Ad

Genuine Satire (feat. George Brandis) – Honest Government Ad

The Australien Government just released an ad to stop people from impersonating the Government, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative

This HGA is special bc it was inspired by some of your hilariously on-point comments in response to last week’s video. TY! 🙏 🙌

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🔹 Written & created by Giordano
🔹 Performed by Ellen x voice by Lucy
🔹 Thanks to Adso, Paul, Dave, Damian, Benna, Matt, Kajute and Posty for input and support.
🔹 Special thanks to Senator Nick McKim for defending free speech in the Senate

👉 Full video of George Brandis in the Senate (must watch!)

🔹 French by Julie
🔹 Portuguese by Vitor
🔹Serbian by Tamara