Honest Government Ad | Climate Breakdown

Honest Government Ad | Climate Breakdown

The Australien Government has made an ad about its Climate Change Policy and it’s surprisingly honest and informative!

We are so inspired by all you students around the world going on strike today, Friday 15 March, to demand climate action. Our dickhead politicians are sure to attack and patronize you, just like last time. Which is why to support you we’ve made an Honest Government Ad about those dickhead politicians.

I’ve even toned down the swearing a touch to make sure kids can watch it. Coz y’know, we’re leaving you a dead planet but god forbid we make you hear rude words…

Join a student strike in your city today: https://www.schoolstrike4climate.com/support-us

— Produced by Patrons of the Juice Media
— Written & created by Giordano for The Juice Media
— Performed by Zoë x voice by Lucy
— Weather forecast animations by Brent Cataldo
— Thanks to @Noodles_Romanov for sharing content from his killer thread
— Special thanks to Jake, Simon, Indy, Andrew, Matt-N, Dbot, Dave and Damian for input and feedback on the script.
— Special thanks to Carole and Sarah for babysitting Luca!
— Children photo by Sam Rateague
— Soundtrack by TwoMountains
— Outro music by Mozart x Eric Parsons

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