Honest Government Ad | Net Neutrality

Honest Government Ad | Net Neutrality

Hey everyone, the FCC just released an ad about its plans to kill net neutrality (and the Internet as we know it), and it’s surprisingly honest and informative. Take a look:

✋Tell Congress to stop the FCC: https://www.battleforthenet.com

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– If you have no idea what Net Neutrality is there’s heaps of videos explaining it – just do a search – or try this
– Conservatives please read this first. Then read this. And this.
– Op-ed by one of the FCC commissioners: “Please stop us from killing Net Neutrality”
– Ars Technica, “50 Million US Homes Have Only One 25mbps Internet Provider or None At All
– Geekwire, “We don’t need net neutrality, we have a free market,’ and other lies

– translated into Norwegian by Øystein Kolstad
– translated into Danish by Mabeli
– translated into Serbian by Tamara
– translated into French by Julie
– translated into Portuguese by Vitor