Honest Government Advert – Visit Puerto Rico

Honest Government Advert – Visit Puerto Rico

Hola amigos, here is our latest Honest Government Ad!

After the Visit Hawai’ i video, SO many Boricuas asked us to make one about the current situation in Puerto Rico; I’ve never received so many requests for a video – so we just had to do it!

I was fortunate to be able to chat and consult with a dozen of them over the past month, men and women of various ages… and whilst they had different views on statehood vs independence, they all agreed on one thing: that Puerto Rico is a US colony. That’s why I decided to focus on this (rather than weigh in on the subject of political status, which is for Boricuas to decide).

I hope you enjoy it.

 Giordano & team

– 100% produced by Patrons of TheJuiceMedia
– Written by Giordano
– Performed by Zoë, voice by Lucy
– Legendary support and input from Adso, Lucy and Franklin

– Special thanks to all the Boricua who sent me info about Puerto Rico and advice + feedback

Instrumental created by MasterMind
Outro beat by Mozart x Eric Parsons

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  • Eileen

    Excellent work! Thank you! We need to spread the word so the world knows. The collective consciousness and our individual desire and imagination will help us get our liberation. Our freedom, our truth, are closer than ever.

  • manuel-51

    The most denigrating thing is Puerto Rico have a political party name PPD, whose support and endorse the colonialism. Some puertoricans believe the PPD was founded by the United State government in order to be the watchdog of the PR colonialism.