Honest Government Advert – Visit Puerto Rico

Honest Government Advert – Visit Puerto Rico

Hola amigos, here is our latest Honest Government Ad!

After the Visit Hawai’ i video, SO many Boricuas asked us to make one about the current situation in Puerto Rico; I’ve never received so many requests for a video – so we just had to do it!

I was fortunate to be able to chat and consult with a dozen of them over the past month, men and women of various ages… and whilst they had different views on statehood vs independence, they all agreed on one thing: that Puerto Rico is a US colony. That’s why I decided to focus on this (rather than weigh in on the subject of political status, which is for Boricuas to decide).

I hope you enjoy it.

 Giordano & team

– 100% produced by Patrons of TheJuiceMedia
– Written by Giordano
– Performed by Zoë, voice by Lucy
– Legendary support and input from Adso, Lucy and Franklin

– Special thanks to all the Boricua who sent me info about Puerto Rico and advice + feedback

Instrumental created by MasterMind
Outro beat by Mozart x Eric Parsons

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