Juice Media Needs Your Help!

Juice Media Needs Your Help!

Dear friends who  our videos – Giordano here with an important message.

I don’t particularly like asking for help. But then I figure: if people who love our videos don’t KNOW we’re struggling to keep going, how can I expect to receive their support? So, here goes..

We now have over 120,000 peeps liking/following The Juice Media facebook page and our videos there consistently fetch millions of views. Thanks to you guys, who share the heck out of those videos, Juice Media is becoming a powerful and effective information channel, raising awareness about crucial issues that don’t get coverage in the regular media, and reaching peeps who might otherwise never learn about those issues, thanks to the magical combination of facts + lulz.

(We KNOW our videos are effective coz pages with millions of followers keep &^%#@ taking our content and re-uploading it) 

And I love how many of you send me requests to make more videos about other places and topics – all of which I want to make.

ALL that is beyond awesome 

Yet the impressive growth of followers, views and interest over the past year has not been matched by a growth of crowdfunding to support the costs and hard work it takes to make quality original videos like these, which require many days of research, writing, recording and editing.

I do the majority of this work myself, and doing it well is a full time job. When I started making the Honest Government Ads a year ago, it felt natural to accept a financial loss, whilst waiting to see the results. But a year later, despite the amazing results we’ve had, I’m still struggling to cover my costs. And because of this we risk losing steam, just as we’re on the cusp of creating something powerful here.

 Can we change this with some collective people power? 

If even half folks who love our videos were to chip in the cost of a cup of coffee on Patreon each month, it would give us the financial stability needed to keep making killer videos into the future.

I know there are many peeps who can’t afford to chip in: this is not addressed to you! I don’t want anyone stretching an already tight budget.

This is addressed to the peeps who love our videos and who don’t mind parting with some small change to make sure we can keep making them. And even then, I wouldn’t want *anyone* parting with big bucks – that’s not sustainable.

A much better system is having MANY people chipping in SMALL pocket-change which makes no difference to their life, but which COLLECTIVELY adds up to a significant amount.

With that in mind, this is our Patreon page, where you can choose how much you’d like to chip in per month to support new Juice Media videos:


Can you help us to reach our next Patreon goal of $1,500 per month to make sure I can continue producing excellent content and not go broke in the process?! 

Or, if you prefer to make a one-off donation to thank us for a specific video we made, you can hit up our Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/thejuicemedia 

I realise some people might not know this, so just FYI: we make $0 from Facebook views. And because we’re 100% independent (to ensure we can always speak freely) we get no sponsorship bs.

Patreon is the only thing that keeps us going and right now we have 283 peeps who fund our entire budget. They’re the legends who make JuiceMedia videos possible for millions of people to enjoy; so if you love a video on this Page, they’re the ones you can thank!

But as valuable as this support is, we need a bit more love so that we can at least break even at the end of the month. This is a bona-fide home-made show; we don’t have anyone backing us with big bucks.

So I’m reaching out to our awesome audience to ask for help – I know, a dangerous thing to do on the Internet, wonderland of never-ending free content! But a risk I’m willing to take, as without your support we can’t keep up creating awesome original political satire.

So, here’s the link again: www.patreon.com/thejuicemedia 

Thank you for reading this long-ass post.

Thank you sharing our videos. For all the requests you send us to make new ones (so many requests!); and for all the love you give us in the comments. 

I want to keep doing this, and hope that with your help we can.