Juice Rap News Wrap-up

Juice Rap News Wrap-up

Dear friends from all around the world, we have a special announcement to make about Juice Rap News.

We know that for many of you it will be sad news… but by the end of this little video, we hope you will join us in celebrating what we collectively achieved with Juice Rap News; and that you might be as excited as we are about what’s to come on this channel, the Juice Media.

We want to thank you for your support over the past 6 years; everyone who liked and shared our videos; everyone who donated to this project over the years; all our translators from around the world who volunteered their time; and all the people who contributed their craft, skills, talents and time to Rap News over the years.

Thanks to you, we have been able to do some very valuable work. It’s been an incredible adventure, and we bring it to a conclusion with a sense of sincere accomplishment, and gratitude, for the opportunity we’ve been given to play a part.

*And don’t worry – this is NOT the end of the Juice Media!*

After a bit of a hiatus, there’s going to be some new content coming. The format might change, but when the time comes, you can be sure it’s going to have many of the qualities which you enjoyed about the content, satire and philosophies of Juice Rap News.

In the meantime, I (Giordano) am curious to know: what type of content you would like to see here on the Juice Media? I will be relying also on YOUR input to guide me as I go about planning the next phase of the Juice Media. So please leave your comments and thoughts below.

Regards & respect
your friends on the Internet,
Giordano & Hugo