Juice Rap News LIVE!
Juice Rap News LIVE!

NEW MELBOURNE SHOW ANNOUNCED – with special guest Nazeem Hussain

Sunday 30th August – Estonian House, Brunswick. One Show Only! Click here for tickets.

>> Watch the promo video here! <<

After packing out stages and earning rave reviews at the Woodford Folk festival in past years, the shows creators Hugo Farrant and Giordano Nanni will be downloading themselves from the Internet once again to bring Juice Rap News to life on stage in this highly anticipated Melbourne premiere – for ONE-SHOW ONLY!

MELBOURNE Sunday 30th August 1pm – click here to buy tickets!

Join our larger-than-life personas – Robert Foster, General Baxter, Terence Moonseed and Ken Oathcarn – for live performances of some classic Rap News episodes, featuring the show’s creators (that’s us – Hugo Farrant & Giordano Nanni) as well as two of the illest MCs in Australia – Mantra and Grey Ghost. The show promises to take you on an overloaded riotous rollercoaster collision of radical satire, rigorous research, righteous beats, and razor-sharp rhymes.

New shows will be announced via our mailing list (subscribe here!) on this page, and via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

In case you’re wondering what the live show looks like, here’s a little video we made of the highlights from our first ever live show at Woodford Folk Festival in 2012:

Most importantly, the Live Show gives us an opportunity to meet you folks in person – AFK. So we really hope you can join us!

Giordano & Hugo

  • bec

    The link isnt working 🙁 sold out?

    • bec

      wow did not read the year..

  • Good news for all the EU peeps who’ve been asking if we might ever come to your part of the world: we’re coming to Berlin on March 11. Read about it here: https://thejuicemedia.com/juicerapnews-live-in-berlin-11-march-2016

  • Exquisite Corpse

    We’re definitely feeling Juice Rap News in Chicago!!!

    Come to the Windy City!

  • Last Starfighter

    Come to Hungary, and you’ll be worshipped by the smallest crowd you could imagine.

  • Gilb Fz

    please please please come to Italy !!!!

  • Pierre

    Come to France ! Wonderful job guys !

  • muckraker12

    Bloody hurry up and come to kiwiland ya flippin ockers!

  • JuiceRapNews

    New Live Show announced! Melbourne 30th August. Tickets on sale now! (Link in the page above!)

  • charles estenson

    Dude, It is all fun and games till you call out the corporations.. Make fun of them but let me decide what is needed to be addressed. You need to maintain the sophomoric to keep it real, else you give me a sense of desperation, which is a bit the opposite of comedy. And the opposite of comedy is not what your dream is.

  • Tanveer Saifee

    Amazing show, come visit us in London!

  • Manu

    Love from the USA keep up the great work guys !

  • Daniel

    Thank you from Germany. You have my gratitude for making the best news ever, keep ignoring deadlines! The world seems to stand still anyway from one of your broadcasts to the next. To bad so many of my folks here don´t understand enough english to follow what you´re doing. You keep it on, I´ll keep trying.

  • Drunkmare

    I love your work guys, thanks for everything.
    Swing by Sweden when you get a chance, I would bring all my friends for your show, peace!

  • jon con

    You guys are awesome and would be more than welcome in Belfast.here are lots of little clubs you could play.
    Keep up the good work

  • Charles Teste

    Please come to Brazil!

  • Adon

    Yeah! Cheers from Brazil!!! Vocês são fodas demais!!!

  • Hagbard Celine

    Come to Brazil!!! You are awesome!!!! You need to juice up the whole world.

  • Duncan Gray

    come to Glasgow, Scotland

  • Amanda

    Come to Newcastle!!! 🙂 I can help you source a good local venue! I have just the place in mind! 🙂

  • Dominic

    Awesome job! Would be great if you could come to Brisbane

  • Chris

    Great work guys! Australia needs more MEN like you who make a real difference! PLEASE come to Brisbane! You could like it up with the G20 😉

  • Peter

    We really need you in Germany! Would be nice to see you next to the Reichstag in Berlin where one of the first politically motivated false flag campaign started or even in the the Olympiastadion where the first TV simulcast happend. You are better than the best of the best! You could easily fill the complete stadium (if any German media would report about your clips) . I really can’t believe how good you are. Love you and your perfect work!

  • Imposter

    Come to Cairns, I am sure you could get Katter up on stage.

  • Margi

    PLEASE come to brissy! You guys fucking rule! 🙂

  • Trent Lloyd

    Please come to Perth next time 😀

  • anon

    Wish I would have more time to visit this show… Any chance you will come to Germany in the future?

  • Marie

    The only three reasons why I want to visit Australia, 1) Uluru, 2)Russell Crowe, 3)Juice Rap News LIVE!

  • Jessica

    Any chance of a Euro tour?

  • david

    hope to see you in the states, you can come visit at the cabin old school..lol
    thanx for wat u do

    • JRN

      you’re on!

  • Christian Rhodes

    Do you guys ever come to America?

    • Last Starfighter

      Nah, General Baxter would kidnap them instantly.

  • California, USA

    Best comedy I’ve seen since Bill Hicks!

  • James

    When are you in the UK?

  • anon

    will come this yr

  • Geniocratic


    When politicians have trouble with the other three ‘R’s these are the guys who’ll spit the truth 🙂