CALLING ALL RAP NEWS FANS: a new Rap News episode is imminent. No, you’re not dreaming. No you’re not trippin. You read that correctly. After almost a year since our last broadcast and literally hundreds of emails, messages and comments from people asking for a new episode, Rap News will be back to cover the madness that is the 2016 US election – featuring Hillary vs Trump, an no less than three third-party candidates (ok – no more spoilers!)

BUT I NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE IT!! This episode is for all you Rap News fans out there, and it’s a labour of love: I am covering all expenses out of my own pocket, and have taken about 3 weeks’ full time work to make it. So if any of you have the means to chip in a small amount to help cover the costs, it would be hugely appreciated:

HELP FUND RAP NEWS 2016: https://thejuicemedia.com/support

Here are some funding INCENTIVES!! (We all need them!!)
– if you chip in $25+ you’ll receive a written Co-Producer credit in the video’s text description
– if you donate $50+ before Thursday 15th your name will feature in the video’s end credits as a Co-Producer – be immortalised in Rap News history! (But hurry: You need to chip in by Thursday 15th to make sure you get in on time for those video credits!)
– and if you chip in $100+ before Thursday 15th your name will feature in the video’s end credits as a Producer.

PATREON: To show my appreciation for all the Patrons who support Juice Media, I will be sharing the audio track from the episode in about 2 days from now – this is for Patrons ONLY! So if you’re not on Patreon already, sign up now to get in before the post happens:  https://www.patreon.com/TheJuiceMedia

* Patrons who’ve already pledged the above amounts will automatically receive the corresponding credits.

Folks – even if I have to pay for ALL of the video myself, I really wanted to make this one to thank all the awesome Rap News fans out there for all your beautiful and heartfelt emails, comments and messages you wrote telling us how much this series meant to you.

It will not be the same as before given that Robert Foster is still in long-term retirement; but if enough of you love the new Rap News team, I don’t see why we couldn’t revive the series 😉

Giordano <3