SRT Files (for translators)

Thank you for offering to translate one of our videos into your language! We greatly appreciate your support in reaching the non-English-speaking world. Here are the instructions for how to proceed. Please read them carefully before starting your translation! If you have any problems or questions, please email us.

  1. Before you begin, please check that the episode you want to translate has not already been translated into your language. (You might want to email us first, to make sure no-one else is already working on a translation for the episode.)
  2. Download the .SRT file for the episode which you would to translate (In the list below, click on the episode link and save the SRT file to your computer).
  3. Open the SRT file. (IMPORTANT: Please don’t open the file with Microsoft Word as this will alter the formatting. Use only text editors like TextPad; or TextEdit (on Mac) or Notepad (on Windows). (If using Notepad, rename the file extension to “.txt” before opening the file.)
  4. Ok, now you can translate the text into your language. To do so, substitute the English text with the text from your language. ie. delete the English text and paste in your translated text. (Do not leave the English text in the file, please).
  5. IMPORTANT: while pasting in your translation, please be very careful not to change any of the formatting or timecodes (the numbers): ie. don’t add/remove any spaces, or lines, as this will cause the file to be unreadable.
  6. In the very final line of the SRT file, insert your name and language. To do so, substitute the words <language> and <name> with the language you have translated into, and your name, respectively. This will appear at the end of the video so people know who translated the episode.
  7. Once you have checked your translation for errors, please email us the new .SRT (or .txt) file. Let us know the name you would like us to use to credit you for your translation as we will also add this to the information section of the video.
  8. Once we have uploaded the file, please check the translation on the video to make sure everything looks good. (We won’t know if there are errors!)

Thanks to Koolfy from for creating these caption files!


Special Edition

Rap News Special Edition 2016: Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

Season 4

Rap News 35 – THE INTERNET – feat. Dan Bull
Rap News Episode 34 – Immigrants!
Rap News Episode 33 – Dope Francis and the 10 Climate Commandments
Rap News Call Out – The Great Barrier Reef
Rap News Episode 32 – MSMBS News: BlackLivesMatter?
Rap News Episode 31 – The EuroDiVision Contest
Rap News Announcement – Season 4 Update

Season 3

Rap News Episode 30 – The New World Order
Rap News Episode 29 – The G20 – feat. Scott Ludlam
Rap News Episode 28 – The Singularity
Rap News Episode 27 – MSMBS World Headlies: ISIS, Gaza, Ukraine…
Rap News Episode 26 – The World Coup: THIEFA vs Brazil
Rap News Episode 25 – Net Neutrality
Rap News Episode 24 – Israel & Palestine – feat. DAM & Norman Finkelstein
Rap News Episode 23 – Crimea: Media War Games – feat. Abby Martin
Rap News Episode 22 – The Energy Crisis
Rap News Episode 21 – “The News”

Season 2

Rap News Episode 20 – A Game of Polls – feat. Julian Assange
Rap News Episode 19 – Whistleblower
Rap News Episode 18 – The Great Gun Debate
Rap News Episode 17 – The War On Terra
Rap News Episode 16 – I Have a Drone (Obama v Rmoney)
Rap News Episode 15 – Big Brother is WWWatching You
Rap News Episode 14 – Higgs Boson Unbound
Rap News Episode 13 – Episode XIII: A News Hope
Rap News Episode 12 – Yes We Kony!
Rap News Episode 11 – Australia Day

Season 1

Rap News Episode X – #Occupy 2012 – feat. Noam Chomsky
Rap News Episode 9 – The Economy
Rap News Episode 8 – Osamacide!
Rap News Episode 7 – #Revolution!
Rap News Episode 7 – #Revolution! (Extended Version)
Rap News Episode 6 – Cablegate: The Truth Is Out There
Rap News Episode 5 – The War on Journalism – feat. Julian Assange
Rap News Episode 4 – Wikileaks vs The Pentagon
Rap News Episode 3 – Lord Monckton rap-battles Al Gore on Climate Change
Rap News Episode 2 – Obama wins Nobel War is Peace prize
Rap News Episode 1 – NASA Bombs the Moon