Visit Hawai’i – Honest Government Ad

Visit Hawai’i – Honest Government Ad

Aloha! I had the magical opportunity to visit Hawai’i at the start of the month and talk with local and native Hawaiians. They all said the biggest problem they face is the fact that so few people are aware of the history of ongoing US military occupation. So on my return to Australia, I decided to make a video about it.


* Written by Giordano – based on conversations in Hawai’i with native and local crew fighting occupation: special thanks to Laulani Teale, Lynette Cruz, Emily Kandagawa, Cynthia Franklin, Terri Keko’olani.
* Presenter performed by Zoë Amanda Wilson
* Voiceover performed by Lucy
* Thanks to Damian, Dave, Lucy, Zoë, Dbot, Benna & Adso for juicy feedback and input.
* Dope outro beat by Eric Parsons:…

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